Mohamed Mekhamer
I'm a freelance photographer based in Istanbul, Turkey.
I shoot Weddings, Vacation, Lifestyle, Fashion, Commercial, Events, Conferences photography also I'm interested in photographing Landscapes, Music Concerts, Street and Travel Photography.

More about me:
My passion for photography started more than ten years ago when I received my first digital camera to capture my family's happy moments during our summer vacation at a seaside city.

I didn't stop there. I took my camera with me wherever I go and start to capture the landscape of my city "Cairo" and portraits of my friend and some street photography.
This made me want to dig deeper into photography and learning basics and advanced photography techniques.

With self-study "thanks to the Internet" and financial support from my family I got my first DSLR Then I decided that I'll not pursue a career with my college degree instead I started working as a photographer.

Back in 2011 as The Arab Spring rises in my country "Egypt" I was there to document the Egyptian revolution through my lens.

I start working as a freelance with some advertising and media companies covering events related to Cinema and TV like Movie premieres and Cairo international film festivals until I decided to shoot Weddings and did it for more than five years before moving to Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.

Starting from scratch in a new country that you don't know the language was very challenging but now after working for more than three years in Turkey, I can say it was totally worth it.

I love Istanbul and Turkey in general. I like the nature, the people, the culture and the food :)


2012 - 3rd Place "Bronze" in Jordan 10th International Photography Festival.
2013 - One of top 10 Finalist in Scott Kelby's Photo Walk "Leader Competition."
2013 - Honorable Mention in Sharjah Award Photo and my photo get printed in the award catalog.
2014 - INDIAFRICA Photography Contest 2014 Top 20 Winners.
2014 - 1st Prize in Nikon MEA #IAMAMOVEMENT Motion Themed Photo Competition.
2016 - First place "Arab Cup Award" in Sharjah Arab Photo Forum "Egyptian Team."
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