Frequently Asked Questions

How long in advance should i confirm my booking?
I accept last minute booking if I'm available but I highly recommend that you book your shoot at least 1 to 2 month in advance so you can choose exact day prefer.
What time we will start the shoot?
Hot air balloons fly only at sunrise so we will have to meet just before sunrise at your hotel.
I have a group tour booked, will i be back to the hotel before it starts?
Most of my clients are having a tour after our shoot, and most tours start at 9:30 am you will be at your hotel about 1 hour before it starts according to sun rising time on the day of the shoot
What locations will we go during the photo shoot?
Locations are different according to the package you chose, and if there will be balloons or not, apart from the carpet shop we may go to Fairy Chimneys, Love Valley, Kızılçuku Valley plus some unnamed spots because balloons fly at different direction every day, that's why we will have a taxi with us to chase the balloons for close-up photos, We may end up going to more than 4-7 different locations.
When and how I'll get my photos?
You will receive all photos taken during the shoot within 24-48 Hours and the edited photos within 4-7 Days
You will receive OneDrive.com Link which you can download all photos with one click.
Do you use the drone during the shoot?
Yes, Usually I use my drone at the carpet shop, also we can use it anywhere suitable around Cappadocia.
* Drone photos are included in all packages with no extra fees
What will happen if the balloons get canceled?
If I don't have a shoot booked in the next day, we can reschedule the shoot.

If there is another shoot scheduled or you don't have time the next day, You can still enjoy Cappadocia and do the photo shoot, will go to different locations and do different ideas like riding ATVs and shooting romantic/crazy photos with horses, camels and shoot at the carpet shop also we can shoot at sunset instead of sunrise if you prefer.

Every month I do some photo shoots without balloons because it got canceled and the results are very satisfying for my clients

Will my photos be shared online?
I respect your privacy, and I will never share your photos on the website or social media if you asked me to keep them private.
Just let me know in advance during the booking process.
What is your cancellation policy?
Since I do shoots between different cities in Turkey (Istanbul, Cappadocia, Antalya, Pamukkale, Bodrum...), I have a tight flying schedule depend on your booked photo shoot.

If the cancellation made:
More than 20 days in advance, you will receive a 90% refund of the total package fee.
With 20 days or within hours before your photo shoot, you will receive a 80% refund of the total package fee.