The photoshoot Timeline
Starting about 15 minutes before sunset, I'll pick you up from your hotel to start the shoot
You may choose to start the Photoshoot at your hotel with balloons in the background like you saw on Instagram, Of course we can do that but let me clarify a few points from provisos expedience:

1- Some hotels rooftop are very crowded at sunrise to the point of standing in a waiting line to take photos with the food or the view.

2- Some hotels have a small rooftop that require people to stand on the same side so some photos will have other people on them.

3- Balloons not guaranteed to come near to the hotel rooftop so we will have to wait sometime to get the right photo.
Every day is different regarding from and to where the balloons will fly according to the wind speed and direction, So every morning i have to check where to start our shoot.
Option one
Option Two
Personally I prefer this option, As first 20-40 mints are the most important to catch a good photos with balloons while thy are near us not far away in the sky .. I will pick you up from the hotel and check where is the best location to start the shoot that day and go there get some unique different photos like this location.
Can we start at the hotel then go near the balloons?
Yes, but waiting at the hotel will waste time while the balloons will be flying high so there will be no grantee to get closeup photos with balloons like these photos